Other study cases

The documentary heritage of 150 elements of Catalan Industrial Heritage

Research on the documentary evidence associated with the 150 most remarkable items of Catalan industrial heritage according to the Science and Technology Museum of Catalonia (mNACTEC).

Equipo Recercaixa 2016 Veure cas d'estudi

Graphic archive of Barcelona’s factories (18th-20th century)

Graphic and descriptive archive of the main factories in Barcelona

Mercè Tatjer Veure cas d'estudi

Barcelona’s reclaimed factories

Claim of industrial heritage as a means of building collective identity

Javier Fraga Veure cas d'estudi

The River Llobregat and cooperative landscapes

An analysis of cooperative processes and heritage values in the industrial landscape of the River Llobregat

Javier Rocamonde Veure cas d'estudi

An inventory of Art Nouveau industrial heritage

Art Nouveau and industrial development in Catalonia

Jordi Rogent, Jordi Tasias Veure cas d'estudi

Barcelona patrimoni ferroviari (1848-2020)


Eduard Álvarez Palau, Mirela Pinheiro Fiori, Jordi Martí-Henneberg, Mateu Morillas Torné Veure cas d'estudi